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Competent Person Advice

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Competent Person Advice
Competent Person Advice
Competent Person Advice
Competent Person Advice,

Competent Person Advice & Assistance,  When & How to Contact the Competent Person

Iss 05 Oct 2012

This page provides guidance for clients and businesses on the steps to take, and when to contact their competent person under the Active Safety Associates Competent Persons Schemes so that we can advise and help you manage your health and safety.  Please keep a copy for reference.

Keeping Your Competent Person Informed.

So that Active Safety Associates may properly assist you and help you fulfil the role of competent person it is essential that you keep us informed of significant proposed developments and occurrences within your organisation and the company’s activities. It is important to keep the Competent Person informed of the organisations activities, changes in the organisation, its activities and changes in risks. This is a legal requirement. See Sect 7 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations Regulations.


Contact Your Competent Person

Please contact Active Safety Associates in the following circumstances:

  • Where the current health and safety policy and arrangements or the current health and safety management system are inadequate to manage health and safety
  • When the health and safety policy and arrangements (health and safety management system) require an update. Usually reviewed every 12 Months
  • When a significant change in management, the management structure or a change in the organisation or change in responsibilities appears likely or occurs.
  • When there is a proposed change in the business management systems.
  • When a significant change in the business activities or an extra business stream occurs or is considered
  • When there is a change in the health and safety hazards or risks created by the employers activities
  • When risk assessments, procedures or method statements need to be prepared or reviewed.
  • When there are any factors known to affect, or suspected of affecting, the health and safety of anyone created by the activities of the undertaking and which are not risk assessed or for which adequate control measures are not in place.
  • To update the Competent Person of the companies general situation on a regular basis
  • When new employees are engaged
  • When it is intended to install or use new work equipment.
  • When employees are required to work with new equipment
  • When employees are required to undertake new work or work at a new location.
  • When employees qualifications or training for their work or task is within 2 months of expiry
  • When contractors are engaged or required to carry out work such as cleaning, maintenance etc
  • When construction or building work is planned or undertaken. Any alteration to the fabric of a building including partitions, escape routes etc. Any invasive work, excavations, drilling, cutting sawing, dismantling, demolition, dismantling etc.
  • Any work involving asbestos, suspected asbestos or where asbestos abscence in not verified
  • Moving to or occupying new premises
  • When any accident or incident occurs.
  • When an HSE enforcement notice is served
  • etc.


Competent Person Contact Essential

It is very important that the Competent Person is advised whenever these types of changes are planned so that they can most effectively provide assistance and help the client avoid issues that could have been avoided. The client must provide all relevant information with respect to the circumstances so that the correct advice can be given.


Use Alert Notice to Inform Your Competent Person

To keep your Competent Person, or Health and Safety Consultant or AdviserCompetent Person Advice, informed use a Competent Person Alert Notice (CPAN). This is a simple form you complete and send to your competent person. It has all the information needed to keep the competent person and other stakeholders in the loop. You can download a complimentary copy click on icon.


Get Competent Person Assistance- Call Us Now!

If you have any health and safety issue on the list above then for competent person advice call us now!

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PS,  You must appoint a competent person! If you run a business or are a director or senior manager and have not appointed a suitable person then you and your business are at risk of prosecution. It makes good commonsense anyway to appoint someone who can guide you through what can be complex and daunting health and safety legislation.


We have a Competent Persons Scheme to suit you that gives you a cost effective solution to managing your health and safety. It is effectively an investment in your business and personnel.


You can have the assistance of a competent OSHCR Registered and CMIOSH Chartered health and safety consultant managing your health and safety for a fraction of the cost of employing someone. We provide the resources, you benefit from their expertise.


See more about our Competent Persons Scheme, the benefits, and how it can assist you. For Competent Persons Schemes details and options click here. If you are not sure what to do or need assistance please give us a call.

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