Competent Person Service-Alert Notice

Competent Person Service

Stay Legal- Keep Your Competent Person Informed

You must keep your health and safety consultant /adviser informed of all significant situations and changes in your business that affect health and safety. This is so they are aware of what is happening so they can advise you on what you need to do.  This is a legal requirement.

Competent Person Service-Free Alert Notice!

An easy way of doing this is to use a Competent Person Alert Notice (CPAN). This is a simple yet effective tool that identifies the business changes and distributes it to all relevant parties. 


  • Comply with Legislation
  • Easily Keep your Health and Safety Consultant in the Loop
  • Improve Communication throughout the business
  • Save time and money and effort - increase profits
  • Take control of health and safety
  • Cut out the Stress
  • Free Tool - from ASA Active Safety Management System

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