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Competent Person

Appointment of Competent Person is Compulsary

A Competent Person, or Persons, is required to be appointed by every employer to advise on health and safety. This is a mandatory UK legal duty upon all employers.

Must Appoint a Competent Person

This means as an employer or business owner, you must appoint someone competent to provide sound health and safety advice.


An employer who has not made an appointment of a suitable person to fulfil the competent person role is in breach of a statutory duty under health and safety legislation and therefore becomes liable for criminal prosecution.


The appointed person may be an internal appointment supported by external expertise or an just an external appointment. Whichever option you choose, as professional health and safety consultants, we can help you with this appointment so that you are able to meet this most fundamental obligation. See our Competent Persons Schemes for more information


Please also note the person appointed can be an individual or a company.

Competent Person Appointment Most Effective Step

The appointment of someone to take on the Competent Person role is probably the most significant step that an employer can take when it comes to managing health and safety effectively. This expert individual then provides health and safety advice on legislation and practical solutions and guides the organisation towards an effective health and safety culture.


Without someone in the role, providing sound health and safety advice it is difficult to see how any organisation can effectively manage health and safety. It is not possible to manage health and safety if there is little knowledge of what is required.


It just makes good commonsense to appoint someone who understands the legislation and good practice and can advise on simple cost effective practical ways of managing health and safety.


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Active Safety Associates Competent Persons Schemes

We have a Competent Persons Scheme to suit you that gives you a cost effective solution to managing your health and safety. It is effectively an investment in your business and personnel.


See more about the Competent Persons Scheme, the benefits, and how it can assist you. For scheme details and options click here. If you are not sure what to do or need assistance please give us a call.

Control Your Competent Person Costs

See how to Control your competent person costs.



Remember, you must appoint a competent person! If you run a business or are a director or senior manager and have not appointed a suitable person then you and your business are at risk of prosecution. It makes good commonsense anyway to appoint someone who can guide you through what can be complex and daunting health and safety legislation.

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