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Content of Competent Persons Schemes

There are several different levels of the Competent Persons Schemes. Each is designed to assist businesses have a qualified professional OSHCR Registered and Chartered MIOSH acting as their Competent Person for a fraction of the cost of employing a qualified person directly.  You can choose which one of these scheme options suits your needs.

Competent Persons Schemes


Scheme Elements


ASA Competent Person Appointment and assistance

Ongoing Health and Safety Advice.

H&S Advice on Business Changes

Preparation of H&S Documents

Legislation Updates

H&S Status Review (Just like an H&S MOT for your business)

H&S Audits of business

Workplace H&S Inspection

Fire Risk Assessments

Bespoke, highly effective Active Safety Management System


Accident /Incident Investigation

Assistance with application to Accreditation Organisations (CHAS, Safe Contractor, Exor, etc.)

Assistance with  Tender PQQ Questionnaires.

CDM-Coordinator and Construction H&S Advice.

Other Services-As required

Call us for our current rate card which shows options and pricing structure.

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