Construction Design Management Regulations 2007
Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007, CDM Regs 2007, CDM Regulations 2007,
Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007, CDM Regs 2007, CDM Regulations 2007,
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Construction Design and Management ReguConstruction Design and Management Regulations 2007, CDM Regs 2007, CDM Regulations 2007, lations 2007 - CDM Regs 2007

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM Regulations 2007) came into effect on the 6th April 2007. They repealed and replaced the CDM Regulations 1994 and the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 (CHSWR). There is just one set of construction management regulations.

The main changes were

  • 1. Projects are divided up between ‘notifiable’ and ‘non-notifiable’ projects. Notifiable is the same as before. Duty holders involved in Non-notifiable projects have the specified minimum obligations. Duty holders involved in Notifiable projects have additional requirements placed upon them. The provision relating to 5 or more workers on site has been removed.
  • 2. Domestic projects no longer need be notified. The provisions for clients agents and developers have been removed. (One client in a project may act on behalf of all clients)
  • 3. Planning supervisor ceases to exist. The role of ‘CDM co-ordinator’ is introduced to support and advise the client
  • 4. Appointment of CDM co-ordinator or principle contractor and need for a written health and safety plan only applies to notifiable projects
  • 5. Duty holders under the regulations cannot appoint anyone to ‘manage, design or construct’ anything unless they are competent or under competent supervision
  • 6. Assessment and demonstration of competence simplified, (guidance is given in the revised ACoP)
  • 7. Co-operation and co-ordination duties now apply to everyone involved. Protective and preventive measures mirror the management regulations.
  • 8. Client duties made more specific. Client must take reasonable steps to ensure that work can be carried out without risks to health and safety of anyone concerned.
  • Clients must tell designers and contractors how much time they have for planning and preparation of work.
  • 9. On notifiable projects, other than initial design etc., no work must take place until the co-ordinator has been appointed.
  • 10. Civil liability exemption has been removed.
  • 11. Some of the definitions have changed, including, client, construction phases, construction work, contractor, design, place of work and structure.
  • 12. One set of construction management regulations replacing the CDM Regulation and the CHSWR regulations 


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A copy of the CDM regulations and ACoP can be obtained here Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 ACoP

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