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Construction Safety  CDM Regs 2007,
Construction Safety  CDM Regs 2007,
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Construction Safety CDM Regs 2007

Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007

Construction safety management can be quite an onerous task for many organisations particularly where their core business activity is unrelated to construction. For example where a commercial group wishes to expand or build new premises then they have to manage all aspects of construction safety and ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007- (CDM Regulations 2007)Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007,  CDM Regs 2007 ACoP


An organisation may have in place developed management systems for managing their core activities, however, when the organisation is required to manage construction safety quite often the management system may not be sufficiently developed to cover construction activities. Indeed in-house resources may not be adequate or personnel may not have the required background or experience to be able to manage construction safety effectively.


The CDM regulations 2007 place specific obligations on the client when planning a project and commissioning construction work. For all but the smallest of projects the first steps for a client is to appoint a competent CDM Coordinator and to make suitable arrangements to ensure that both the design and the construction work will be carried out in such a manner so as to minimise the health and safety risks to those carrying out the construction work itself.


Active Safety Associates , with their extensive experience in managing all aspects of construction health and safety and their detailed knowledge of the CDM regulations are able to assist organisations manage their construction projects in the most effective way possible .

The significant areas where we can assist are :

  • Development of a construction health and safety management system to enable the client organisation to effectively manage and monitor construction health and safety throughout the project. See Active Safety Management System. It is a client’s duty to have effective written arrangements in place for the management of a project.
  • CDM Coordinator commissions (Originally Planning Supervisor)
  • Assistance with the preparation of Pre-Construction Health and Safety Information Pack
  • Preparation of Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans
  • Independent competence and resource assessments of designers and contractors
  • Independent audits of designers and contractors
  • review and assessment of contractors Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans and supporting risk assessments and method statement
  • Preparation of risk assessments
  • Preparation of procedures / method statements etc
  • The HSE has published a guide to Construction safety and the CDM Regs 2007. For a copy click here.

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