Safety Inspections February 2006
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HSE Health And Safety Inspections

HSE Targeted Construction Inspections Feb 2006

Throughout February 2006 HSE Construction Division Inspectors will carry out targeted health and safety inspections looking at good order issues on construction sites and how effectively these are being managed.

The HSE says slips and trips are regularly the biggest single cause of reported construction injuries. Slips and trips cause over 1,000 major injuries and several thousand over-3-day accidents on UK construction sites each year.

Accident Prevention

Most of these accidents could be easily avoided by effective management of good order issues on sites.

Principal contractors are advised to consider how they will manage the site to ensure that it is kept in good order. The following issues are highlighted.

  • Traffic routes should be segregated from pedestrian routes.
  • The procurement of materials should be managed to ensure that only the minimum amount of materials are stored on site at any time .
  • Everyone working on the site should be aware of the site policy for managing the movement & storage of materials around the site, and the removal of waste from work areas.

Everyone on site needs to play their part.

  • Walkways and stairs should be kept clear and free from obstructions.
  • Footpaths should be firm & level, stoned up if necessary, gritted if icy.
  • Work areas should be kept as clear as possible of unnecessary materials and waste.
  • Materials should be stored safely, whether in the site compound or around the site
  • Workers should comply with the site arrangements for the removal of waste.
  • Good order problems should be reported to site management – See it, sort it. Health and Safety Inspections

Construction inspections are an important monitoring tool in accident prevention that should be used on a regular basis by Principal Contractors and contractors. The contractor should have an established process for carrying out their own regular health and safety inspections and audits. This enables issues to be resolved promptly and provide valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the organisation’s health and safety management system.

As pro-active health and safety consultants Active Safety Associates can help with the provision of site inspections and health and safety audits. Also we can assist with Initial Status Reviews which identify issues that require management, including the further development of management systems, which enable an organisation to manage these types of issues effectively.. . If you would like further help with inspections or audits please email or call us to discuss. Please see our contact page.

Further information on the HSE construction inspections campaign can be accessed here.


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